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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> feeling more like independence day because we've got temps going into the low to mid-90s. mid-90s tomorrow. it is unbelievable. >> heat advisory, right? >> angie can do weather, too. she's doing traffic. >> all morning. >> it is a rare day on this memorial day. weatherwise, we've got heat, humidity and a lot to talk about. the heat advisory noon until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. air quality is code orange. that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. if you're going to grill, gas will be less polluting, a lot less polluting than car chol. you can see the 5:00 p.m. temperatures up in the upper 80s. actually highs low to mid-90s. the fog, a little visibility is improving not really manassas a mile and a quarter. culpepper down to zero. they lost a quarter of a mile in gaithersburg. even petersburg, half-mile visibility. that will improve quickly after sunrise. angie and mike, over to you. all right, thank you, howard. >> right now, we're following
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some breaking news. >> at the top of the hour, a deadly crash on the baltimore washington parkway as angie has been talking about all morning. >> it has part of the road closed down right now. this happened along the parkway at route 197 in laurel. joining us is sergeant david schlosser with the u.s. park police. >> what do we know so far, sergeant schlosser? >> shortly after 3:00 this morning, we responded to a one vehicle crash northbound washington parkway north of route 197. we have one vehicle that left the roadway. that vehicle struck a tree. and the only occupant in the vehicle, the driver, was killed and declared dead at the scene. right now, we have road closures both north and southbound on the bw parkway between route 197 and 198. >> sergeant schlosser, from what we understand, you're diverting traffic, is that correct? >> that's right. northbound traffic, bw parkway has to get off around route 197. southbound traffic at route 198. the work around is to take
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interstate 95 or to take 198 into laurel and make a turn at 197 and vice versa so you can bypass the crash scene. >> so, because it is a one car accident and one person involved, why are both sides of the highway closed? >> this crash happened in the median and because it is in the median strip, there may be some elements of the crash scene that have gone over into the southbound lane. for that reason, we close the roadway southbound so that we can see if there is any evidence there. >> sergeant david schlosser with the u.s. park police, thank you for your reporting. this is a road closure in both directions, bw parkway north and south not far from route 197. thank you, sir. >> as mike had mentioned, we wanted to recap for you our big traffic story of the morning. it is why we have the yellow light on. we have both southbound and northbound lanes of the bw parkway impacted by this one car fatal. that we've been following. as a result, we want to reiterate if you're traveling southbound on the bw parkway, you'll want to use route one or
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95 as your alternate. even going northbound because we know all of the lanes are currently closed on the bw at 197. we have all of this information listed for you online at other parts of the region as we zoom on out, we want to show you the area at large. everyone else is checking out ok in the green, in fact. north of the district, we move it to the outer loop outside. very smooth sailing here past university boulevard. a good example of what we're seeing on the capital beltway all around the region. going back over to our maps, this time, we're going to stay in maryland but move it over to 270 out of urbana. not seeing the usual delays as you would expect down to 121. everything is crystal clear from father hurley continuing on to the lane divide. 66 drivers if you're headed eastbound, no problems in your way from fairfax to the beltway. it looks like the inner loop and outer loop are check out ok in virginia as well as the dulles toll road. mike? >> well, today, americans across the country are going to take time out of course to honor those who died in service
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to our country. >> nowhere is the emotion stronger than right here in washington. where it has been a full weekend of remembrances. later this morning, president obama will lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery at the tomb of the unknown. last year, he was in chicago for the holiday and visited a veterans cemetery there. rolling thunder is what you hear rolling through washington yesterday. thousands of bikers roared through the city as a tribute to those who died for our country. the event started years ago to draw attention to prisoners of war and those missing in action. >> the annual memorial day parade is this afternoon along constitution avenue. it begins at 2:00 at 7th street and then makes its way west to 17th street. the parade usually lasts about two hours. expect road closures in the area. this afternoon. >> quick heads up on metro. remember this memorial day as far as the blue line and the orange line, closed. no service today from federal center southwest station
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minnesota avenue on the orange line or benning road on the blue line. they're operating free shuttles but you should add 40 minutes to your trip today. >> president obama is telling the people of joplin, missouri, you will not be forgotten. >> he visited the city one week after parts of it were leveled by the massive tornado. the storm left at least 130 people dead and 39 more are still listed as missing. >> the president spoke with survivors of the tornado. many are left with absolutely nothing. the tornado raised the town. the government will help rebuild the city. >> the cameras may leave. the spotlight may shift. but we will be with you every step of the way until joplin is restored and this community is back on its feet. we're not going anywhere. >> the president also viewed the damage from air force i. the single tornado which hit
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the city left a path of destruction six miles long and nearly a mile wide at some point. a local campus minister missing for several days has been found alive and well. 26-year-old matthew hill was last seen tuesday last tuesday near verizon center. fellow members of his capitol hill baptist church spent the weekend searching for him. he was eventually found in ashville, north carolina. he said he went there for personal reasons. we asked d.c. police chief cathy lanier why this case was elevated from missing to critically missing. she texted us saying the same basic information is done on all adult missing person case and we have lots of them. if some seem to be out of place, it is considered critical and gets more management review. witnesses say the driver of a car was using some kind of electronic device before it swerved across the center line of the road and slammed head on into an suv. that driver died in the crash. it happened sunday evening along route 9 near route 287 in
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purcellville in loudoun county. police have not released the victim's name. two people in the suv were hurt. both are battling life- threatening injuries. police say the fact that they were both wearing seat belts may have saved their lives. at 6:06, jessica doyle is watching your money. >> advice when you hit the outlet malls this summer. >> a lot of shopping is going on. look at the smile over here. >> i live by the outlet malls. it is great. >> a recent aaa ihs global inside study shows shopping is the third most popular activity over memorial day, angie. 43% of us will hit the stores and the outlets topped only by dining out and visiting friends and relatives. here are some ideas to get your money to go farther at the outlets. one of the best ways to get extra value, sign up for the v.i.p. program in advance. you can go to the web site for the outlet directly. sign up for the coupons and print them out. another option is to stop at the outlet's customer service
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center first. this is going to save you money when you pick up your v.i.p. booklet of coupons. show your aaa card or your company badge. you could get extra discounts at the checkout counter. last thought, more web sites will also show you additional spot promotions you may be able to take advantage of. for example, the outlets at leesburg, the ann taylor factory store is taking an additional 40% off and restoration hardware is taking an additional $25 off every $100 you spend. i printed these coupons out this morning. 18 pages of coupons for leesburg alone. want to show you two more deals. j. crew, 20% off any purchase of $100 or more. this is one that angie will get excited about. kate spade, 20% off a single item. so, you could be getting massive discounts there. >> i'll take those. thank you very much. >> no problem. >> thanks, jessica. >> thanks. >> all right.
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bethesda-based lockheed martin says it was attacked by hackers. the defense company calls the attack significant and tenacious but it says the hack was stopped before any critical data was taken. it says it spotted the attack immediately after it began. >> lockheed is a major defense contractor for the government. >> coming up next, howard has a look at the holiday forecast. >> but first, a quick memorial day history lesson. the first known memorial day observance happened in charleston, south carolina in 1865. it was held by freed slaves to honor those who died in the civil war. >> the first nationwide celebration was held may 30th, 1868. then it was called decoration day. and may 30th was picked because it was not an anniversary of any civil war battle. >> over time, the day became known as memorial day and in 1967, that's the name the federal government gave the last monday in may. we'll be right back. 3q
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>> why unemployment among our veterans is so high. coming up on "the early show." at 6:12, a sticky morning out there. we've got temps in the lower 70s. reagan national. sunshine. hazy at that. upper 80s around 90 by noon with 90s by 5:00. highs today in the lower 90s. little fog west. angie, how is the traffic looking? >> we're still following our big story of the morning out in maryland on the bw parkway.
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we have all southbound lanes at 198 shut down. all northbound lanes at 197 closed. traffic is being diverted off the roadway. your best bet is to use route one or 95 as an alternate. the very latest on this along with some virginia roads. i'll have that for you at 6:18. >> a key announcement expected today when it comes to military brass. >> president obama is expected to name a new head of the joints chief. >> it is one of the stories making news at 6:12 this morning. >> that new boss reportedly will be army general martin dempsey. he's a veteran of the war in iraq. dempsey would replace joint chiefs chair admiral mike mullen whose term ends september 30th. bismarck, north dakota needs four million sandbags by thursday. it is dealing a with the fast rising missouri river. it is flowing at seven to eight times faster than its normal rate. >> a beautiful scene from the international space station looking down and seeing the shuttle "endeavour" and look at the earth there. the two undocked overnight.
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"endeavour" is due to come home wednesday. spectacular. >> on this memorial day, a lot of people are hanging their american flags with pride but one california town got called out on its ragged flag. >> the person who called out the town, an 8-year-old boy. >> 8-year-old luke smith from oceanside, california, wears his young marines uniform with pride. >> promotes discipline, leadership and teamwork. >> qualities he already possesses at a young age. while participating in a 5k run, he noticed something that bothered him. >> i was actually standing right under this pier at the starting line and looked up at the flags. and noticed it was all ripped up and tattered. >> he took the leadership and teamwork skills he learned to make a difference. >> dear mr. mayor. >> all of a sudden as i read on, an 8-year-old boy, a young
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marine. i said i'm pretty proud of him. >> i saw it waving in the breeze. i felt proud. then i was sad. the flag was all ripped up and tattered. >> we don't have the eyes and ears out there with the cutbacks. to have a young lad like this that spotted a problem, a tattered flag in the city of oceanside in a military town, it was fantastic. >> i think it was just disrespectful to our country and the people who fight for it. it would be nice if you would replace it. thank you, sir for your attention. your friend, luke smith. 8 years old. >> i gave it to the city manager and replaced the flag. >> it makes me feel very proud. i'm honored to have him at least listen to a kid because most people don't listen to children. >> i'm not worried about the future with kids like him following us up. i'm sure somebody like him will take my place and keep the city moving in a positive direction. >> reporter: the mayor of
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oceanside sent luke a letter of proclamation which luke said he will cherish everyday, especially over the holiday weekend. >> i wish to all of you watching, a happy memorial day weekend. >> andrea roane, 9news now. >> go lueke! that's great. what a great story. he's adorable. >> i made sure my flag got replaced yesterday. >> the american legion will do that for you or they won't replace it but they will dispose of it properly. >> i'm not going to throw it away. >> vfw halls do that. >> a lot of places you can get it done the right way. >> let's talk weatherwise. today will be a tough one out there with the heat, the humidity. we've got a heat advisory which goes into effect noontime today. it will be in effect until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. normally, early, you gotta get a heat index of 100. we might not make it. so, it is early enough in the season where we're so warm, so early that people just aren't used to it. you can get heat-related
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illnesses easier than perhaps you can later in the summer when we've got just more acclimated to the heat and the humidity. as far as the records today, 98 in washington and baltimore. they're fairly safe. 95 at dulles. we may make a run toward that. the 94 i think will fall. the 96 is probably also safe. it will be a hot one regardless. our day planner, sticky. 74 at 8:00. by noon, a sticky 88. we'll see some 90 degree readings. highs today in town, low 90s. 95 degree readings not out of the question west of washington with an 85 by 8:00 p.m. we're watching some showers and storms well to our north. just a few cirrus clouds overnight. that's it. hazy. see the storms in new york. want to show you this on the radar with the lightning. they're about to get pounded from the lower hudson valley into new york. down almost to philly with the strong thunderstorms. nothing. 68 at culpepper. 71 at pax river.
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also a touch of fog out here. zero visibility at culpepper. stanton up to petersburg, half- mile. mile and a quarter in manassas. haze there. about two to six miles on most visibilities with temperature now, 71. humidity 96% and a light south- southwesterly wind at 7 miles per hour. one round this morning. it will be western minnesota and the eastern dakotas. on this ridge, you see it over the ohio and tennessee valleys has reached over toward us. we'll stay high and dry, hot and sticky for today and maybe a storm on tuesday. highs tomorrow, climb into the mid-90s by wednesday, a front approaches. that will give us a better chance for strong storms in the afternoon. still 93 degrees. thursday, slight chance of a storm. cooler. not cool but cooler on friday. still in the mid-80s. upper 80s saturday. should be dry and warm for the race for the cure saturday morning. >> angie? >> thank you, howard.
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>> we continue to follow the big traffic story of the morning. it is the reason why we have the yellow light on. take note if you're traveling the bw parkway. fatal accident involving the one car. we're taking you there live to the scene. no cars getting by because headed southbound, because of this tree that the driver that ran it into -- it into the -- the car that ran it into tree. as a result, we have all southbound lanes at 198 closed. traffic has been diverted on to 198 while going northbound at 197, the roadway is shut down and drivers are being diverted on to 197. your best bet is to avoid this by using route one or 95 to get around it. those will be your best alternates. we have all of the information listed at moving to the other parts of the region, we'll take a wide view of the area. no other incidents or accidents to report. zooming in to 395 making that northbound trip, you'll find all of the lanes wide open.
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crystal clear all the way to the 14th street bridge. back over to the real time graphic, this time, we'll shift the focus to the capital beltway between the wilson bridge on the inner loop or outer loop of the american legion. we're finding drivers are moving at a great pace. also, the same goes for those using 95 going southbound as we move to our travel times and the outer loop and inner loop also checking out in the clear. still ahead, more on the bw parkway accident at 6:31. >> next in sports, not one but two amazing finishes in auto racing on sunday. you'll get to see them both. >> first, more on this memorial day and one of the newest spots on the national mall. the world war ii memorial. president clinton signed into law the bill creating the memorial on may 25, 1993. it opened more than nine years later. the biggest park is the freedom wall. it has 4,048 gold stars, each one representing 100 americans who died in the war. >> there are also 56 granite pillars representing u.s. states and territories.
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they're placed in the order of when each state joined the union. we're back after the break. stay with us.
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just about 6:24 on this monday morning. happy memorial day. we have a steamy day ahead. this morning, a up to of fog out to the west. your memorial day features heat and humidity. we'll be in the mid-70s here at 8:00. we start out all right. you want to exercise outside, do it early. by noon, we're already pushing 90. highs today in the low 90s. 4:00 p.m. temperature of 90. mike and angie? >> today in baltimore, it is a lacrosse border battle. maryland versus virginia. >> the two acc schools will play for the ncaa title. the game starts at 3:30. sunday, it was the ladies title game with maryland taking on northwestern. with the rematch of last year, shannon smith had four goals for the wildcats. lady terps though fall short of
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the title losing 8-7. have you ever been driving and looked down and seen the gas gauge on e and thought i can make it home. well, that's the gamble that dale earnhardt jr. took yesterday. final lap of the coca-cola 600. this is a long race! dale earnhardt jr. runs out of gas in the final turn. kevin harvick passes him, wins the race. that was followed by another wild finish sunday earlier in indianapolis 500. jr hill brand crashes. on the final turn of the final lap! his car rolled in to finish second. it is his second indy 500 win for weldon. >> to the baseball diamond, the nationals have a memorial day matinee today. phillies in in town. first pitch at 1:05. d.c. is now in a two-game losing streak. nats and padres tied at 4 on
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sunday. ludwig hits one past second base. desmond throws it home. not in time. san diego hangs on to win final score 5-4 in that game. d.c. united, out west visiting the portland timbers. chris got his fourth goal of the year. penalty kick. in the 75th minute. d.c. wins 3-2. united in fourth place in the eastern conference. the time now is 6:26. up next, we'll have more on our breaking news. that deadly crash tying up the baltimore parkway. >> plus, it is memorial day. the latest on gas prices. find out where they are now that we're finally in the summer travel season. >> howard says it is going to be a hot one. your memorial day forecast when 9news now returns. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. howard with you out here on the weather terrace with your weather first on this monday morning. it is kind of sticky out here. not much air movement. high humidity. it is going to be a very hot day. our day planner on this monday, memorial day, 2011. look how quickly we rise toward the 80 degree mark at 9:00. then toward the 90 degree mark by noon. some areas 94, 95 to our west. we've got a code orange air quality.
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which means unhealthy for sensitive groups and at noon, a heat advisory goes into effect areawide with the exception of the eastern shore and in the mountains because we're looking at the heat index values near 100. fog toward culpepper this morning. zero visibility. seeing a little off toward the shenandoah valley. hazy, foggy conditions. temperatures right now, most of us in the low 70s. lucky ones are in the upper 60s. however in the mountains, we do have petersburg down to 61. 90s today and hotter tomorrow. your seven-day forecast, next time we talk, right now, here is mike and angie. >> thank you, howard. at 6:31, we're following breaking news, early morning crash on the bw parkway leaves one person dead. >> it is having an impact on traffic. it happened on the parkway near the exit for route 197 in laurel. surae chinn is there live. what more do we know, surae? >> well, this is still an active scene. three hours after the single fatal accident. i want to point your attention to the reconstruction team
6:32 am
here. they're concentrating on the median right now where the car flipped over. we can't show that to you because right now, emergency crews are trying to remove the body at this point. so, what we know is that the reconstruction team needs both sides of bw parkway. we have sergeant schlosser here to tell us a little bit more about exactly what happened. where does the investigation stand? >> right now, we have our crash reconstruction. detectives looking into the scene. we'll have both north and southbound bw parkway closed between 197 and 198. the closures will be there for another few hours while we wrap up this investigation. >> do we know anything about the driver? male or female? >> my understanding is this is an adult female and right now, that's all of the identification i can provide. >> do we know if alcohol or sleeping at the wheel was a factor? >> these are factors that will take time to determine from the detectives and the autopsy. it will be awhile before we have the factors. >> thank you sergeant david
6:33 am
schlosser with park police giving us the latest on this investigation. we know that the investigation will take a few more hours because of the reconstruction team on both sides of bw parkway at 197 and 198. if there is any silver lining in this tragedy, there are fewer commuters today on this holiday so not a lot of cars having to get through but if you're planning to come out here, plan accordingly. angie? >> all right, surae chinn live at the bw parkway and route 197 in laurel. thank you. >> and we want to just recap for you our big traffic tie-up of the morning. the bw parkway headed southbound at 198 as surae had mentioned. we have the traffic being diverted on to 198. if you're heading northbound at 197, you'll lose all lanes as well. traffic being sent over to 197. your best bet is to use route one or 95 headed southbound and northbound as your alternate. let's take a bigger view of the area. right now, everyone else is checking out ok. zooming into your district drive, it looks crystal clear.
6:34 am
smooth sailing from bladensburg road to the third street tunnel. we'll swap the camera over to georgetown. m street at wisconsin, not too much going on out here. not even any early morning shoppers. we'll have a look around the region in my next traffic report coming up at 6:46. >> well, about 800,000 people or so left town for the holiday weekend. they're coming back soon. that means it will probably be a challenging evening commute. >> we want to take you live to the toll plaza via the bay bridge. no one is really going to the eastern shore right now. peak travel times are expected to be between 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 tonight. >> now look at i-95 and route 17 in falmouth, virginia. not too crowded now. you know it will be busy in both directions later today. >> here is a quick check on gas prices this morning. according to aaa's fuel gauge report. regular grade gas in the d.c. metro area average is $3.85 a gallon. that's down 8 cents in just the
6:35 am
last week. nationwide, the average is at $3.79 a gallon. >> today is the day americans remember those who died while they were serving their country. there will be ceremonies and parades all across the nation and across our region. >> later this morning, president obama will head to arlington national cemetery. he will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. last year, the president marked the holiday while in chicago. before he heads to arlington, the president and first lady will host a breakfast for families of those killed in action. ♪ >> a little more upbeat moments on the capitol lawn last night. that is 85-year-old bb king, part of the annual memorial concert for pbs. plenty of active duty military and veterans and their families. >> now, if you're going to the memorial day parade on constitution avenue today, remember there are big delays on metro's blue and orange
6:36 am
lines. no service from federal center southwest to either minnesota avenue or benning road. there are free shuttles though. add 40 minutes to your trip. at 6:35, jessica doyle is watching your money. >> this morning, some advice on how to be a little less impulsive with your cash. >> last time we spoke, we talked about shopping, right? now, we're doing the opposite. about four in ten will shop over the memorial day weekend. and today, some of us may throw caution to the wind. those deals may seem too good to be true and we have a lot of trouble overcoming the impulse to shop. and a lot of cases, are we spending money at the mall we don't have? >> reel it in, people. here are three ideas to help you curb that impulse to shop. daily finance calls this the halt method. when you're out shopping and you want to buy something, ask yourself if you're feeling any of these things.
6:37 am
hunger? anger? loneliness? or tiredness? if you answered yes to any of the questions, halt before buying something in an attempt to console these needs. >> picture a stranger offering you the cash value of the item you're considering buying. would you take the cash or the item? good question to ask yourself. >> and there is the $100 rule. the higher the price of the item, the more time you should think about it before buying. let's say a day or every $100. for example, think about a $300 grill for three days and two weeks for a $1400 laptop. maybe you can combine all three methods if you have a problem with impulse shopping. i do these things for myself. if i'm thinking about making a big purchase, i'll walk around the mall, i'll put it on hold. if i'm still thinking about it a couple hours later. >> you practice what you preach. >> absolutely. why do you think i watch your money? i have so much problem with my own, i come up with these
6:38 am
secrets. >> thanks, jess. >> montgomery county is reminding people to be safe near the potomac. firefighters were out at great falls sunday handing out flyers, telling visitors not to swim in the river. they're also reminding boaters to wear a life jacket and to avoid drinking while boating. >> why go for a swim in the potomac when the pools are open for goodness sake. peoples run by the rec. department open for the season on saturday. there are seven of them across the county. many of them will still be closed on weekdays until school lets out. you can at least try that as an option. >> the time is 6:38. it is going to be a hot, sunny day today. and in the 90s. up next, howard has a look at the week ahead. >> first, a look at a place where there will be a somber remembrance today. the vietnam veterans memorial is nearly 247 feet long and reaches a height of about 10 feet. the stone came from india, specifically chosen because of how it reflects. >> there are 58,272 names
6:39 am
engraved on that wall. five more were added this year. the observance today will pay special attention to them. >> work has begun on a new education center near the wall. it will include the remembrances and tributes left behind by the visitors to the site. keep it here. we'll be right back. cw
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>> the most popular side dish for cookouts is watermelon. >> i was thinking chips. i'm ready to cook out though. sounds good. >> you bring the watermelon. i've got the grill. >> potato salad. >> back after this. >> weatherwise, talking about grilling today. gas over charcoal. i know the flavor is different but with the code orange air quality alert, have as little pollution as possible. gas would be a better choice because it is a far, far cleaner fuel than charcoal. here is a look at the heat
6:44 am
advisory that we're talking about. also which goes into effect at noon. this covers just about everybody. the eastern shore is not in it. down toward the northern neck. heat index values will approach 100 today. probably be into the low 100s tomorrow. this goes from noon today until 8:00 tomorrow night. you could get some heat stress or heat illnesses if you're not used to being out. our memorial day features plenty of sunshine. mid-80s by 11:00. we'll be 90s in a few areas. this afternoon, we're going into the low if not mid-90s in spots. with a 5:00 p.m. temperature still near the 90 degree mark. west-northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we're currently in the low 70s in many areas like southern maryland and easton at 73. although it is 72 in fredericksburg. we've got upper 60s with a touch of fog. manassas, your visibility is
6:45 am
improving. even culpepper has gotten better. they were zero. now, they're at a quarter mile. the rest of us from 2 to 10 miles in the haze that's out there this morning. 71. winds light south-southwest at 5. look at the dew points, 70 degree dew points, that's a tropical air mass. if we were to get any thunderstorms which we won't today, the downpours could be torrential with this sort of low level moisture. like they're seeing in the northern plains today. this is where the threat is going to be greatest by the way eastern dakotas, western minnesota for tornadic thunderstorm around here, very strong line of storms moving from connecticut through new york city and northern jersey now. lots of lightning, thunder and wind with that. for us on the future cast, it is all quiet. it is going to stay quiet today and tonight and tomorrow, we may just bubble up a few storms in the afternoon. the better chance for us. the better chance for some storms. that will come wednesday afternoon. for today, memorial day, 92. steamy degrees. 95 tomorrow.
6:46 am
isolated storm or two. scattered storms wednesday afternoon with highs in the lower 90s. by thursday, an isolated storm and 90. friday, cooler. still warm. 86. upper 80s saturday. maybe a storm on sunday. there you have it. stay cool today. here's angie with timesaver traffic. >> good advice there, hb. we want for stay on top of the big traffic story of the morning. we urge you to use caution if you're used to using the bw parkway. live to the scene we go. the baltimore washington parkway near 197 out in laurel. what we have here is a one car crash accident. driver ran into the tree. it was in the median so it is affecting traffic in both directions at 198 going southbound, all of the lanes remain shut down. traffic is being diverted on to 198 going northbound, you'll find the situation at 197 so we're urging drivers to avoid this altogether. just use route 1 or 95 as your alternate throughout this monday morning. moving to other parts of the region, we'll blaze right through this because everyone
6:47 am
is checking out ok. on the outer loop from 95 to 270, you're clear. headed eastbound from fairfax to the beltway, no problems. 395, we just have that construction at the 14th street bridge dividing the traffic. the little traffic we do have. 95 headed northbound before that looks great from the prince william parkway up to the mixing bowl. still ahead at 6:58, the latest on the baltimore washington parkway fatal crash. a virginia mother is following in her children's footsteps. she's in the army now. >> she's enjoying serving her country along with finding a slimmer figure. wayne covalue has the story from fort lee, virginia. >> i was a little bit nervous, not being from a military family, i had no idea what to expect. >> june madrid didn't know what tho think when three years ago, her son decided to join the army. months later, her 17-year-old daughter, followed her older brother. >> she saw the benefits and the bonuses. she was a junior in high
6:48 am
school. she went to basic. while she was -- the summer between her junior and senior year. >> reporter: about a year and a half ago, june madrid decided to make the same decision. >> i get nervous about my future. as far as like the whole social security thing and just all of that. >> there was just one problem standing in the way of the mother of five. >> i was over 200 pounds. so, you know, they gave me what i needed to be at. so, i started on my journey to get there. it took a year and a half. i lost 70 pounds. >> at 38, she's the second oldest in her platoon and a role model to many half her age. >> i think it is neat that she chose to come here, take an adventure and have fun with it while securing her future. >> just the fact that two of her kids are already in and she's older and just the fact that she's doing it, it shocks me. >> now after nine weeks of basic training and five weeks here at fort lee, she has no
6:49 am
regrets about her decision. >> i'm having a great time. i'm enjoying myself. obviously it is hard, you know. it is challenging and all of that. but i don't doubt my decision at all. >> that was wayne covall reporting. she has five more weeks at fort lee then seven weeks of advanced training out in texas. we have 71 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is up next.
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> why unemployment among our veterans is so high coming up on "the early show."
6:52 am
6:53 am
just about 6:53. 71 sticky degrees out this morning. we'll be into the low 90s, maybe mid-90s in one or two spots. same story at 5:00. watch out, heat advisory goes into effect at noon. mike and angie? >> thank you, howard. today of course is memorial day. monday, may 30th. here is a check of the news before you go. one woman is dead after an early morning crash on the bw parkway. this happened near route 197 in laurel, maryland. both sides of the road remain closed. it could take awhile to reopen. >> a missing man from the district has been found alive and well in north carolina. matthew vanished last week. police say he left town on his own citing personal issues. >> the terps versus the cavs in
6:54 am
the ncaa championship. maryland and virginia face off in baltimore nor the men's title. the game begins at 3:30. >> "the early show" show begins in six minutes. >> jeff glor tells us what's coming up. >> coming up here on "the early show" from fighting for our country for fighting for a job, we'll look at why unemployment among our veterans is so high. also, the arlington ladies, a look at this group of volunteers who make it their mission to make sure no one is buried alone at arlington national cemetery. that's coming up on this memorial day here on "the early show." >> thanks, jeff. >> it is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9news returns. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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>> just one more thing as you're out there celebrating memorial day, there are some dangerous weather conditions to be careful about and howard has some tips on first of all, what san orange code and what should we do? >> code orange air quality means there is enough pollutants in the air anybody with a respiratory ailment, the very young, very old could be sensitive to this. there is extra ozone at the ground level. stay inside and if you're outside, don't mow today. that makes pollution. you've got my blessing not to mow. use a gas grill as opposed to the charcoal. don't wait in the drive- through. as far as the heat alert we've got going, that is another thing where you're just not used to the heat this early. you have to hydrate and wear light colored clothing and take a break if you think you'll be struggling. >> honor our nation's veterans. as you're grilling out and having a cold beverage.
6:59 am
then weather time now. >> weather will be like really hot. low 90s. could feel more like 100 later on today. 95 tomorrow. slight chance of a storm on tuesday. wednesday afternoon, some strong thunderstorms. 93. finally by friday, we'll dip into the mid-80s. keep in mind the average high is 80. we're well above that. >> a fatal accident on the bw parkway. still all lanes blocked going southbound at 198 and going northbound at 197. you're looking at a reconstruction crew here on the scene. the one drive they're ran his car into a tree. use 95 or route one as your alternate going both ways this morning. >> markets are closed? >> markets are closed today. big unemployment report due out on friday. >> early show is coming up next. of course, they'll be talking about president obama's trip to joplin, missouri. >> howard and myself are back with 25 minutes with more on your traffic and weather. >> you can always get your news, weather and traffic